Air Inflator (Elegance) NAI-001-1
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CycarTech Air Inflator
model: NAI-001-1 (Elegance)

Features & Benefits

  • Handy, reliable and useful.
  • With 1 year product warranty.
  • Comes with a CycarTech bag for easy storage in car boot.


NAI-001-1 Specification:

Type Passenger cars                      
Voltage 12V
Maximum Pressure 150 PSI/1,000 kPa
Max. Air Flow Speed 35L/min
Inflation Time 3 - 5 minutes
Power Cable Length 3.0 M
With LED Light? Yes


Comes with a 1-year warranty.


How To Use

Step 1: Fasten the air nozzle to the tyre valve.

Step 2: Connect the inflator power supply (12V) to the car cigarette lighter socket. Keep engine running to maintain battery performance.

Step 3: Switch on the inflator to inflate to the desired PSI.
(Normally 30 PSI or 210 kPa)

Step 4: After inflation, keep the inflator in the bag and store in car boot.


Other Common Usages

This equipment can also be used to pump in air into:

  • Bicycle tyres
  • Soccer ball or other sports ball
  • Balloons

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