Power Starter PS7
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CycarTech Power Starter PS7
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A Powerful, Compact & Convenient Jump Starter 

You no longer need clumsy jump-start cables when your car battery runs flat!
The CycarTech Power Starters are a series of powerful, compact and convenient devices that can jump-start all makes and models of vehicles from gasoline passenger cars, 4x4 and SUV’s to diesel commercial trucks and vans. Depending on your vehicle models and engine capacities, available for your selection are PS6, PS7 & PS9 which will serve up to 5.0L engines for petrol vehicles and 2.8L for diesel vehicles.

Each of the Power Starter models is a mighty power source provided by Grade A+ lithium polymer batteries with intricately designed circuitries to perform jump- starting to serve its most important, primary function.

The Power Starter can also serve as a power bank. As added benefits, the Power Starter is additionally packed with other circuitries to enable it to also serve as a power bank for many types of electronic devices such as the smartphones, tablets and MP3 players, as well as to provide other emergency features, such as various flashing modes of LED flashlight which is extremely useful during emergency situations at home or road sides.

The Power Starter series are perfectly safe to be carried around. Their mini-size designs are light in weight, making them portable and very convenient to handle.


PS7 Specification:

Able to jumpstart 12V Petrol vehicles up to 3.5 litre engine
and 12V Diesel vehicles up to 2.5 litre engine

Battery capacity 7500 mAh                        
Jumpstart Port 12V
USB Output Port 5V/2A
Charge Mode 15V/1A
Starting Current 200A
Peak Current 300A
Fully Charge Time Approx. 3 hours
Cycle Life Over 800 cycles


Comes with a 1-year warranty.


Take Total Control Of A Flat Battery

A battery goes flat frequently without warning. Sometimes, it happens at your most dreaded moments. Ever encountered one during moments like these:

  • rushing to work in the morning
  • rushing for an important meeting with clients or bosses
  • rushing to the hospital
  • off from work late at night and lonely
  • after a shopping spree with your happy family in a complex
  • after your late dinner in your favourite, faraway restaurant

… and many other dreaded moments that may spoil your days.

Do not let a flat battery get in your way. Take control of the situation with the Power Starter which will instantly crank your engine into life. You no longer need to wait for help to arrive nor another vehicle to jumpstart your car with clumsy jump-start cables.

Get through your day uninterrupted and replace your flat battery later. A fully charged Power Starter can jump start as many as 10-20 times. It gives you amazing flexibility to replace your battery at your convenience.


View the PS7 User Guide: