Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment
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 Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment (350 ml)
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Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment is a race proven, OEM accepted, multi-functional engine treatment product for all newer engines.

Bardahl B1 has the unique ability of protecting engines from wear and deposits. It is an extraordinary anti-wear additive with benefits of Polar Plus Triple Protection Formula and superior anti-deposit, anti-oxidation chemistries.

It prolongs engine life and increases engine efficiency by reducing deposits and using 3 layers of protection to shield engine parts against friction, heat and wear.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• 3 layer protection against friction, heat and wear
• Restores water tightness of piston and cylinder wall
• Increases engine output and power
• Improves lubrication of bearings, lifters and pistons
• Provides temporary engine protection in case oil leaks
• Prevents damaging ‘dry starts’
• Inhibits varnish and sludge formation
• Better fuel economy
• Longer engine life
• A safe option to extend oil change for short mileage or duration
• New Engines: Maintains peak performance
• Older Engines: Revitalizes and restores lost power

When to Use It?

• Start as soon as possible if you have not used it before.
• For new cars, start with first oil change and then at
each subsequent oil change.

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all petrol and diesel engines.
2. At every 5,000 km oil change, add one bottle into
3. Between oil changes, add as needed to maintain oil
4. Add 1 or 2 bottles into crankcase to extend oil change for short mileage or duration.