Protex by Bardahl Pro-1 Oil Supplement (N93400)
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Protex by Bardahl Pro-1 Oil Supplement (N93400) (325ml)
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Enhances Motor Oil to Increase Lubrication, and Reduce Friction in Newer Vehicles

The Problem

Modern vehicles operate under conditions that put extreme stress on the motor oil. Newer engines are smaller and operate at tighter RPMs, increasing under hood temperatures and break doen the strength of the oil. Also, city traffic conditions with stop-and-go driving contribute to greater thermal and mechanical stress on the oil. As the lubrication properties of the oil are depleted, this causes oil oxidation, formation of deposits, engine wear, and lower performance.

The Solution

PROTEX by BARDAHL® PRO-1 Oil Supplement™ uses ‘polar attraction’ technology to provide a robust layer of anti-wear and anti-friction protection that extends effectiveness of the lubricant. Extra inhibitors help control oil oxidation, decrease deposit formation, and reduce bearing corrosion. By adding a tough lubricating film to metal parts, this formulation minimises wear, and enhances overall engine performance while providing extra lubrication protection for city driving and during cold starts.


  • Boosts anti-wear, anti-friction, and extreme pressure performance of the oil.
  • Increases protection against thermal oxidation.
  • Reduces deposit formation throughout the engine.
  • Improves acid and corrosion protection.
  • Extra protection during high temperature / high load conditions.


Add at each oil change and between oil changes as needed. Pour contents into the crankcase prior to filling with new oil. One bottle will treat up to 5 quarts (4.7Liters) of motor oil. For older vehicles burning oil, use PROTEX by BARDAHL® PRO-2 Oil Treatment™ #93450 to restore performance. Dispose of any used or unused solution and container in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.