Bardahl B2 Oil Treatment
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 Bardahl B2 Oil Treatment (350 ml)
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Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment is a race proven, OEM accepted, multi-functional engine treatment product for all newer engines.

Bardahl B2 Oil Treatment is a thicker version of the renowned Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment and is specially designed to restore lost power and revitalize older or aging engines.

It consists of a blend of polymer, base oil, oil stabilizing chemistry and the unique Polar Plus Triple Protection formula. It reduces oil burning and blow-by, restores compression and power and uses 3 layers of protection to shield engine parts from further wear

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• 3 layer protection against friction, heat and wear
• Reduces oil burning and exhaust smokes
• Restores lost power of aging engine
• Stops blow-by
• Reduces engine chattering
• Easier engine starting
• Helps delay expensive engine repairs
• Provides temporary protection to engine in case oil leaks

When to Use It?

Suitable for old or high mileage vehicles showing signs of:
• Excessive engine oil consumption
• Emitting visible exhaust smokes

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all petrol and diesel engines.
2. Pour contents to crankcase of a warm, idling engine.
3. At every 5,000 km oil change, add 1 bottle. For severely worn engines, use 2 bottles if necessary.