Bardahl CRDI Cleaner
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Bardahl CRDI Cleaner (11 oz) : This product replace with Bardahl CRDI Cleaner-Ultra Concentrated (5oz)

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Bardahl CRDI Cleaner is the most advanced cleaner in the world for modern CRDI injection systems. It is specially formulated with advanced deposit control technology to meet the needs of modern diesel injection systems.

Bardahl CRDI Cleaner cleans the diesel fuel system with just one tank to remove deposits and prevents injector failure.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• Removes deposits
• Prevents injector failure
• Prevents nozzle coking
• Improves power and performance
• Effective in cleaning modern electronic injectors
• Safe to use as often as needed
• Compatible with all common diesel system components and control devices

When to Use It?

Best to start use before problems occur. Nozzle fouling deposits can occur in nozzle spray holes and exterior tips of nozzles. They cause reduced fuel flow rate and improper spraying patterns leading to following problems:
• Poor starting
• Loss of power
• Rough engine operations
• Increased emissions
• Reduce fuel economy

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all CRDI diesel injection systems. Also effective in cleaning conventional, mechanical diesel injection systems.
2. Add contents and top up with one tank full of diesel. One bottle treats up to 60L of diesel.
3. Use every 5,000 km or as frequently as needed in areas with poor quality diesel fuels.