Bardahl DFC with Cetane (Ultra Concentrated)
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Bardahl DFC with Cetane - Ultra Concentrated (5 oz)
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Bardahl Diesel Fuel Conditioner (DFC) with Cetane - Ultra Concentrated is a complete multi-functional diesel fuel additive that uses the latest diesel detergent chemistry to turn regular diesel into “premium” diesel fuel. DFC when used regularly at the recommended treat level will provide initial “clean-up” and long term “keep clean” performance in all types of fuel injection systems including the latest electronic common rail high pressure (CRDI) systems.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions

  • Increased cetane number of typical diesel fuel up to 3 numbers.
  • Prevents “internal diesel injector deposits” (IDID).
  • Keeps CRDI systems clean.
  • Incorporated with cetane improver for faster igniting fuel.
  • More complete combustion with more power.
  • Greater fuel economy.
  • Reduced emissions.

When to Use It?

Best to start use before problems occur, or when your car shows signs of: 

  • High fuel consumption.
  • Lost power.
  • Increased emissions.
  • Hard starting.

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!

1. Add one bottle directly to diesel tank before topping up fuel.
2. Use regularly or as needed. One bottle treats up to 60 liters.