Bardahl Engine Tune-Up and Flush
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 Bardahl Engine Tune-Up and Flush (11 oz)
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Bardahl Engine Tune-Up & Flush is a concentrated blend of solvents, dispersants and detergents with unique Triple Protection Formula to clean dirty engines and inhibit further deposit formation.

It removes deposits and holds them in suspension until they are drained with engine oil. After flushing, your engine will restore pep and power and run smoother with better fuel economy. It is specially formulated to meet or exceed vehicle manufacturers’ stringent OEM specifications.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• 3 layer protection against friction, heat and wear
• Removes harmful deposits in dirty engine
• Inhibits deposit formation
• Restores power and performance
• Frees sticky valves and lifters
• Loosens stuck piston rings
• Smoother, quieter running engine
• Improves fuel economy
• Longer engine life

When to Use It?

Best to start use before problems occur or when your car shows signs of:
• Dirty engine with harmful gums, varnish and sludge deposits
• Sticky valves
• Stuck piston rings

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all petrol and diesel engines.
2. Add one can into crankcase before oil change. Allow it to work while driving 150 to 300 km or run engine at fast idle for 20 to 30 minutes.
3. Change oil and filter.
4. Add one can of Bardahl B1 Engine Treatment to the fresh engine oil for extra protection of the cleaned engine.
5. For effective maintenance, use every 20,000 km or shorter frequency as needed depending on engine conditions.