Bardahl Injector Cleaner - Concentrated
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 Bardahl Injector Cleaner - Concentrated (237 ml)
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Bardahl Injector Cleaner is designed to meet, even exceed OEM requirements of vehicles for cleaner fuel system.

It is specially formulated with powerful detergent, ‘synthetic polyetheramine’, dispersants and other lubricant chemistries to maintain cleanliness of fuel system. It provides quick and superior cleaning action with just one tank treatment.

It prevents stalling and hesitation and promotes fast starting. It also protects fuel injector tips, fuel lines and fuel tank against rust and corrosion.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• One tank cleanup of entire injection system
• Cleans injectors and intake valves
• Removes deposits
• Removes water
• Prevents rust and corrosion of injectors and fuel tank
• Improves drivability and acceleration
• Improves fuel economy
• Prevents costly fuel system repair

When to Use It?

Best to start use before problems occur or when your car shows signs of:
• Rough idling
• Hard Starting
• Lags on acceleration
• High fuel consumption
• Rust or corrosion of fuel tank

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all types of petrol engine.
2. Add one bottle and top up with one tank full of petrol.
3. One bottle treats up to 60L of petrol.
4. Use every 5,000 km.