Bardahl Kiwami Power Boosting Engine Treatment
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 Bardahl Kiwami Power Boosting Engine Treatment (16 oz)
(Delivery to Semenanjung Malaysia only)

Bardahl Kiwami Power Booster is a premium grade of engine treatment formulated with synthetic base oil, low temperature viscosity modifiers, superior anti-oxidation chemistries, advanced friction fighters and the unique Polar Plus Triple Protection formula that uses 3 layers of protection to shield engine parts against friction, heat and wear.

When added to any premium grade engine oil, Bardahl Kiwami provides the ultimate lubrication for both new and used engines, minimizes friction and wear and offers extra engine power, improved fuel economy, longer engine life and reduced maintenance and repair costs.

It was originally developed for quality conscious Japanese car professionals but now available worldwide.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• 3 layer protection against friction, heat & wear
• Increases engine output and power
• Improves fuel economy
• Prevents ‘dry starts’
• Extends turbocharger life
• A safe option to extend oil change for short mileage or duration
• Prevents varnish and sludge formation
• Improves lubrication of bearings, lifters & pistons
• Provides temporary engine protection in case of oil leaks
• Longer engine life and saves on repairs
• New Engines: Maintains peak performance
• Older Engines: Restores lost power

When to Use It?
Start as soon as possible if you have not used it before.
For new cars, start with first oil change and then at each subsequent oil change.

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all petrol and diesel engines.
2. At every 5,000 km oil change, add one bottle into crankcase irrespective of engine size.
3. Between oil changes, add as needed to maintain oil level.
4. Add one or two bottles into crankcase to extend oil change for short mileage or duration.