Bardahl Octane Booster (Ultra Concentrated)
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 Bardahl Octane Booster - Ultra Concentrated (5 oz)
(Delivery to Semenanjung Malaysia only)

This product is an ultra-concentrated fuel system additives specially for gasoline engines.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions

• The ultimate octane booster.
• Boosts octane of gasoline by up to 3 numbers. Turns regular petrol into “Super”.
• Increases power and performance with every tankful.
• Prevents knocking and pinging and run-on caused by auto ignition.
• Safe for catalytic converters.

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!

1. Add one bottle directly to petrol tank before topping up fuel.
2. To maintain maximum Octane Boost, use at every fill up. One bottle treats up to 60 liters.