Bardahl Injector & Intake Valve Cleaner (Ultra Concentrated)
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 Bardahl Injector & Intake Valve Cleaner - Ultra Concentrated (5 oz)
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This product is an ultra-concentrated fuel system additives specially for gasoline engines.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions

• Quickly and effectively cleans and removes deposits, restoring lost power, performance and fuel economy in just one tank of fuel.
• Contains over 4 times the active ingredients present in typical competitive injector cleaners.
• Effective in cleaning all types of gasoline fuel injectors including the hard to remove deposits found in gasoline direct injection (GDI/DIG) engines.
• Each cleaning application will last up to 5,000 km.

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!

1. Add one bottle directly to gasoline tank before topping up fuel.
2. Use every 5,000km. One bottle treats up to 60 liters.