Bardahl No Smoke
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 Bardahl No Smoke (355 ml)
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Bardahl No Smoke is an OEM accepted engine treatment product for oil burning cars. It is specially formulated to meet or exceed vehicle manufacturers’ stringent OEM specifications.

Its extra thick formula seals the spaces between valves and guides, between piston rings and cylinder walls, thus reducing oil consumption and burning. It is the most effective additive for oil burning cars to reduce exhaust smoke and to help delay expensive engine repair temporarily.

Great Benefits and Better Solutions
• Reduces exhaust smokes
• Reduces engine oil burning
• Improves engine compression
• Reduces plugs fouling
• Improves lubrication at high temperatures
• Protects engine from further wear
• Easier engine starting
• Quieter, smoother engine operation

When to Use It?

When your car shows signs of:
• Excessive exhaust smokes
• High engine oil consumption
• Ignition problem
• Dirty spark plugs
• Engine noisy and rattling

Do It Yourself. It’s Easy!
1. For all petrol and diesel engines
2. Pour contents to crankcase of a warm, idling engine.
3. At every 5,000 km oil change, add one bottle or as needed to stop smoke emission.
4. Between oil changes, add as needed to stop smoke emission.