NA18020 Front Pads Jaguar XJ6 X350
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LPB Semi-metallic replacement brake pads (Front - 4pcs), Part No. A18020 for:

Jaguar XJ6 X350 3.0 03'-09'

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Bendix No.

LPB e-Pro Premium Semi Metallic Brake Pads & Brake ShoesLPB Brake Pads performance table

LPB brake pads & shoes are manufactured to comply with European E-Mark Standards and bear the number ECE R90 approval number on their backing plates providing testimony that the products meet international safety standards. 

To ensure full compliance with Malaysian regulations, certifications have additionally been sought and approved by SIRIM under the equivalent Malaysian standard bearing MS1164 approval number on their backing plates. 

LPB brake pads & shoes are thus certified as fully compliant with both European and Malaysian standards which clearly attest their supreme quality. To secure certifications under stringent requirements of these regulations, LPB brake pads & shoes have been subjected to strenuous tests covering braking performance, production conformity and marking and packaging standards to ensure full compliance with the regulations. 

In summary, LPB brake pads & shoes received safety and quality assurance certifications including:

• European E-Mark Certification ECE R90
• Malaysian SIRIM Certification MS1164
• Other Quality Assurance Certifications

LPB Brake Pad - with certification by E-Mark ECE R90 & SIRIM Malaysia

 LPB Brake Pads - Positive Mould technology

LPB brake pads were manufactured with Positive Mould technology used by Original Equipment (OE) suppliers. Positive Mould uses precise pressure and heat to compress friction materials and bond it to the backing plate. 
This process guarantees that consistent friction material density is reached to every part of the pads and ensures even wear, excellent stopping performance and no fade throughout the life of the brake pads.

Most aftermarket brake pads are produced by ‘flashed mould’ method and require high resin content to bind all the components of the pads. High resin evaporates and creates fade at high temperature and increases stopping distance by up to 50% compared with the superior positive mould method. This could be the difference between avoiding an accident and being involved in an accident.

LPB Brake Pads - benefits of the Positive Mould technology

LPB Brake Pads - with Positive Mould (advantage)

without Positive Mould (increased braking distance might lead to accident)

LPB brake pads and brake shoes are produced by Shandong Gold Phoenix Co., Ltd. (SGP). SGP is the largest automotive brake pad manufacturer in China and are ranked one of the top-five brake pad manufacturer in the world. It possesses advanced R&D, technical and engineering capabilities with one R&D Centre and two Engineering Laboratories. 

Having more than 354,000 sq. m (3.18 million sq. ft.) of plant area and more than 3,000 employees, its production volume exceeds 30 million sets a year.

About 80% of its products are exported worldwide to more than 70 countries including USA, Europe, Australia and Asia, enabling it to gain 10% of the world market share. 

The company also supplies OEM products to more than 15 vehicle brands in China and currently takes more than 30% of the domestic market share. All production units are manufactured to comply with stringent SAE and European ECE R90 standards. 

Before purchasing any LPB Brake Pad products, please verify the brake pad type (size, etc.) with an authorised person knowledgeable about your vehicle (eg. technical personnel / mechanic).