RENAULT KANGOO 1.4 (AT) 06'-10' Drive Shaft (Right-Hand, Long axle) NRN-8-8092
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ODM drive shaft assembly - front axle (Right-Hand - Long), Part No. RN-8-8092 for:



2006 - 2010

ODM replacement / aftermarket / aftersale drive shafts - Malaysia

Superior Features

• Induction Hardened, Rust Proof, Wear Resistant
• "Wide Swing Angle, High Torque" Design
• Highly Flexible Long Life Rubber Boots
• Anti-Corrosive, Anti-aging Lithium Grease
• Integrated Manufacturing & Supply Chain
• Advanced Robotic Controlled Production Technology

ODM drive shafts - replacement / spare parts / aftermarket / aftersale Malaysia 


Unique, Superior Characteristics of ODM

1) Fully Integrated Manufacturing and Supply Chain

- Fully integrated manufacturing and supply chain is the foundation for quality assurance.

 ODM replacement / aftermarket / aftersales drive shafts (spare parts) - Malaysia


2) High Quality Materials and Components

- Stringent selection of high quality materials and components ensure product performance and durability.

i) Induction Hardened CF53 Steel Shafts
- The Heat Treatment process improves strength of CF53 Steel Shafts with toughness and ductility and avoids metal breakage due to brittle structure. The factory is equipped with mesh belt furnace for normalizing.

ii) Advanced Forging & Molding Technology
- The factory uses advanced precision forging and molding technologies to achieve uniformity, improve performance and increase product life.

iii) Long Life Rubber Boots
- Long Life Synthetic Neoprene Rubber Boots are chemically stable and possess high tear strength, toughness and flexibility over a wide temperature range. They are also grease and solvent resistant.

iv) Heavy Duty Lithium Grease
- Heavy duty shear resistant Lithium grease possesses:

• Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties to reduce metal wear.
• Good mechanical stability and anti-vibration properties to improve NVH (noise and vibration) performance.
• Wide temperature range of between -40 °C and -150 °C.
• Excellent anti-corrosion property to prevent rusting.
• Anti-aging property to prolong product life.
• Superior restorative property that enables most of its fiber structure to return to its original shape 24 hours or longer after operating in destructive shearing and extrusion conditions.

v) Automated Precision Production Technology
- Spline and thread are produced simultaneity to reduce positioning error and improve the quality.

vi) 'Wide Swing Angle, High Torque' Design
- Advanced ‘Wide Swing Angle, High Torque’ design for smooth movements. ODM develops the innovative 'Wide Swing Angle, High Torque' drive shafts. Using (BJ + BJ) type combination and through structural engineering changes and manufacturing process optimization, ODM drive shafts have wider swing angle characteristics to meet traversal capability of vehicles operating under harsh road condition.

Advanced Patented Proprietary Technologies
- Up to September 2013, ODM has obtained 27 patents with 26 more in the process of approval. All these patented proprietary technologies provide important technological support for continuous enhancement of company’s products.





Before purchasing any ODM Drive Shafts, please verify the drive shaft type (size, etc.) with an authorised person knowledgeable about your vehicle (eg. technical personnel / mechanic).
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