Torch Spark Plug (F6TC) - SET OF 4
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Torch Spark Plug (equivalent to NGK No. BP6ES)

Torch is one of the largest spark plug manufacturer in China possessing advanced technology to manufacture platinum and iridium spark plugs, multi-ground electrode spark plugs, V-cut center-electrode spark plugs, surface-sparking plugs and V-groove center-electrode spark plugs, with various electrode configurations. Its production volume exceeds 120 million pieces (in 2009). About 60% of the production volume is exported worldwide to  USA, Europe and Russia. Domestically, the company supplies OEM products to various vehicle brands and takes more than 50% market share in China.



  • Check and set spark plug gap before installation
  • Replace worn spark plug to improve fuel efficiency


  • Reminder: spark plug replacements should only be carried out by skilled mechanics / technicians possessing the necessary expertise
  • Do not remove the spark plugs when engine is hot
  • For tapered seat (gasket-less): 1/16 turn after finger-tightened
  • For gasket seat: 1/4 to 1/2 turn after finger-tightened



    NGK equivalent part number: BP6ES


    For these vehicles:

    All models (carburetor)